Chef Connexion prides itself on providing timely commodity market information, to help you make more informed menu and food purchasing decisions. Please consult with your local distributor sales representative as local market situations may differ, or contact us to have a sales representative call on you.

As your review market conditions, please note several weeks may pass before the reported effects show in your local market.

Year over year overall food price inflation has been reported to be higher than 5%. An important consideration when updating your menu pricing. 


November 25, 2021

Strong production numbers coupled with decreased demand is pushing prices lower. Beef prices have become more competitive but remain at a big disadvantage relative to poultry, pork, and seafood price levels. 

Foodservice beef sales have slowed since governments allowed restaurants to reopen. Total sales are up greatly over last year but they are still not close to normal. Restaurant operators have also increased their beef menu prices and may be featuring beef less often exacerbating the drop in foodservice demand.

Distributors have recently started to buy the lower priced product opportunities but have still not fully committed to their 2022 layaway programs. Most buyers are not convinced that a market bottom has been reached.

The market call for the next few weeks is “STEADY TO LOWER” 

  • Ribs – Prices continue to trend seasonally higher but are likely to soften in coming weeks.
  • Striploins – Prices are steady to lower but continue to have room to drop into December. Recommend consulting with your sales representative if you are thinking about putting Striploins, Top Sirloins and Tenderloins away for next year.
  • Top Sirloins – Prices are steady to lower.
  • Tenderloins – Prices are steady to lower.       
  • Briskets – Prices are significantly higher than at the same time last year pushed by strong processor demand.
  • Chucks – Prices are steady to lower.
  • Rounds – Prices are steady to lower.
  • Ground Beef – Prices are steady to higher.

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November 25, 2021

Poor Canadian pork demand and seasonal production increases have continued to push domestic pork prices lower. 

Supplies are still greater than demand, but pricing is unlikely to go much lower as the market is starting to show signs of bottoming.

The market call for the next few weeks is “STEADY TO LOWER”

  • Side Ribs – Prices are up modestly in the U.S. and stable in Canada. At this time buyers are putting down contracts for 2022. Prices have trended as anticipated and may rise again soon so buy now.  
  • Back Ribs – Prices are following the side rib trend.
  • Tenderloins – Prices are steady to lower.
  • Loins – Prices were down again as demand is lacking.
  • Hams – Prices were up notably the last two weeks. The bounce was due to expected seasonal strength coming into Christmas. Higher prices are expected for another two weeks.
  • Butts – Prices are steady.
  • Picnics – Prices are steady.
  • Bellies (Bacon) – As forecast, prices were down sharply over past few weeks. Demand is tepid and supplies are ample. 

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November 25, 2021

Poultry prices are mostly steady on light retail and foodservice demand.

Processing schedules have normalized and there is adequate stocks on all products.

The market call for the next few weeks is “STEADY TO LOWER” at levels still higher than same time last year.

  • Whole Birds – Prices are steady.
  • Wings – Prices are steady to lower but still very high compared to last year.
  • Breasts – Prices are steady to higher as we head into the holiday period.
  • Legs – Prices are steady to lower.

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November 25, 2021

We expect delivered prices on most popular species including salmon, cod, haddock, tuna, halibut, shrimp and pollock to be steady to higher in the short term. 

North American ports continue to experience backlog due to a lack of workers, drivers, and equipment to unload containers from vessels, causing significant seafood shortages.

Rising seafood price inflation has affected restaurant menus across North America forcing operators to raise prices or scale back offerings. Seafood prices have risen more than 10% during the past year.

The Alaska snow crab quota has been cut significantly due to decrease in crab stocks. The Alaskan Red King Crab fishery has been entirely shut down..

East coast lobster tails will be in short supply into late December.

Check out these seafood buying guides:  The Commercial Guide to Fish and Shellfish – Third Edition: Urner Barry’s On-Line Catalog or Seafood Handbook (


November 25, 2021

We have highlighted [*] items that are experiencing upward pricing pressure.

  • *Corn – Prices are higher due to lighter supplies and high demand.
  • Tomatoes – Prices are increasing on round and Roma tomatoes due to lack of supply out of Florida and Mexico. Grape and cherry markets are steady.
  • Celery – Prices are steady.
  • Bell Peppers – Good supplies and steady prices on green bells. Red and Yellow prices are up on short supplies.
  • *Carrots – Demand is outpacing supply especially on value added packs.
  • *Broccoli – Broccoli and Broccolini will remain high for the next few weeks due to limited supplies.
  • Cauliflower – Prices are steady to higher.
  • Squash & Zucchini – Steady to stronger pricing on decreasing supplies.
  • Cabbage – Prices are steady.  
  • *Green Beans – Demand is exceeding current supplies. Prices will begin to moderate as supplies increase over next few weeks.
  • Brussel Sprouts – Prices are steady on improved supplies.
  • Asparagus – Prices are higher on holiday demand.
  • Cucumber – Prices are higher on increased demand and shorter supplies.
  • Lettuce – Prices are decreasing on increased supplies on all varieties. 
  • *Melons – Cantaloupe supplies are limited as Arizona and California close out their season. Supplies will be increasing from Mexico.  Honeydew prices are lower due to increased Mexican production. Watermelon prices are increasing on lower supplies.
  • Potatoes – Markets are steady on good supplies.
  • Onions – Prices are steady to higher on all varieties on increasing demand.
  • *Garlic – Markets are strong. Chinese supplies have been an issue leading to higher demand for North American garlic.


November 25, 2021
  • *Mushrooms – Labour, freight, and supply challenges are expected to last for the remainder of the year. All suppliers are experiencing shortages on all types of mushrooms.

Mixed Berries

November 25, 2021
  • *Strawberries – Supplies and pricing will improve as Mexico ramps up production.
  • Raspberries – Prices are improving as supplies are increasing from Mexico.  
  • Blackberries – Prices are improving as supplies are increasing from Mexico. 
  • Blueberries – Prices should improve in next few weeks as Mexico production comes online. 
  • Grapes – Supplies are good. Prices are steady.
  • Avocado – Prices are improving on improving supplies.


November 25, 2021
  • Oranges – Prices are steady on good supplies.
  • Lemons – Supplies and prices continue to improve.
  • Limes – Supplies are decreasing from Mexico causing higher prices.
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