The Greenbridge Story

Greenbridge Foodservice is a proudly Canadian national foodservice sales and marketing organization dedicated to supporting Canadian independent foodservice operators. We accomplish this through our best-in-class marketing strategies and programs, robust connections with brand-focused independent family-owned foodservice distributors, and our industry leading Brand Points PLUS operator loyalty program. As your valued partner, we are working full time to find the solutions to help you grow your business.

What makes us stand out?

During these unprecedented times of uncertainty in our world, we are all trying to find ways to protect our place in the community.

At Greenbridge, we know there is a better way to help restaurant operators. A more useful, less intrusive — dare we say, friendlier and more “Canadian” — way and one that reflects our belief that customers are earned rather than bought. We’re passionate about the foodservice industry — and it shows. We come to work every day with a mandate to help Canadian independent operators compete and grow their business.

It helps that, from our very beginnings, we have been a Canadian company focused on finding the best solutions for our customers from coast to coast. Over the years, we have developed powerful, lasting relationships with our Canadian, family-owned distributor network serving independent foodservice operators across the country.

Our winning focus

Today, U.S. foodservice distributors represent more than 50 per cent of the market share in Canada and Greenbridge was created to help insulate and protect our Canadian foodservice industry from further erosion by US competitors. By working together as a single entity bound together by our shared principles, Canadian distributors are able to share resources and negotiate pricing nationally, versus taking a more fragmented — and costly — regional approach. And that works to the benefit of operators looking for made-in-Canada solutions.

With our Canadian-first focus, we can create winning strategies and experiences that are uniquely Canadian and give customers a reason to care and belong. We are not simply executing transactions.

We can create winning strategies and experiences that are uniquely Canadian.

We have found that now, more than ever, brands that succeed are ones that help enhance, reinforce, and shape culture and beliefs. We, like the brands we represent, are here to provide operators with the tools to succeed. We are part of occasions both large and small, working with diverse operators coast to coast — offering everything from quick snacks at a restaurant before the work day begins to that special wedding celebration.

Best of all, the money we generate for the Canadian economy stays right at home, here in Canada. 

Where is Greenbridge today?

Designed to support manufacturer branded products, Greenbridge has now grown to serve more than 12,000 foodservice operators, over 7,000 branded products, more than 250 sales professionals, and seven distributor member companies from coast to coast. It is testament to the success of our approach that we consistently experience significant growth year over year.

What sets Greenbridge apart is our focus on building long-term strategic relationships that are mutually beneficial. Our dedication to independent operators, working with our distributor-members and brand partners, guides us in making our partnerships successful. Without the support of our foodservice community, we wouldn’t exist and for that we are truly grateful to all our partners. We are all in this together!

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